The decline of blogging…and rise of ‘social’ curation

“Enthusiasm is encouraged, but introspection is suspect. Minimalist sites like Tumblr are gaining the upper hand on classic blogs partly because they discourage all that soul-searching. How weird it can be spending time on a stranger’s Tumblr, trying to figure out what sensibility is grouping all these things together “without commentary,” as the internet’s favorite current descriptor goes.

More in Is Obsessive “Curation” Ruining Brooklyn? (here)

The focus is Brooklyn obviously but I think the questioning of the rise of the curator/editor artist/creative is a worthy target of analysis.

But, not sure i agree with the first sentence, the rest rings true to me, if a bit alarmist in tone. Say what you want about the death of blogging, I think no dead-media is ever truly dead. Or at least that it’s use can linger on indefinitely, in a retro-haze. I know/read a few Tumblr (rs) but it isn’t for me. Although Javierest‘s recent exploration with Storify seems interesting..

In terms of curation in general, I think the major potential for failure is in the personalization of format that this can take in current social/media forms… There is something to be said for mass-culture(s). For a shared general awareness. Pop, I don’t think though will ever go away. Even with the existence of the long-tail. If there is going to be a “helper” of sorts to filter/direct the gaze, i would rather have a person not machine/algorithm be the responsible curator. It seems more authentic somehow.


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