Seeing an armadillo

So I was riding my bike to work today and right in the middle of the city, along a section of the rail to trail that I have used everyday for the last 3 years, I encountered for the first time an armadillo. The only difference was that since I have been working overtime at work lately, I was coming in a bit earlier (closer to sun-rise) than usual. So maybe the armadillo was heading in or out of it’s home.

I don’t typically put a lot of faith behind these sorts of things. Yet, at the same time I do think it is useful (especially as a city dweller) to use an encounter with an urban animal to reflect on amongst other things what the takeaway message might be. Meaning when something unusual occurs, pay attention. Now obviously living in semi-rural Florida I have encountered my share of armadillos. Just not often in the city limits and never along the path of my bike commute.


Brother armadillo has a passive style of defense and its medicine comes from its own body.   The ‘digger’ is called the “Little Armored One” because of thick bony plates and horns that covers its back.  It teaches protection and ways to move through dimensions.

  • The armadillo rolls into a tight ball when threatened to cover its vulnerable underside.   Brother Armadillo’s medicine is to teach ways to expose your inner-self and allow natural defenses to protect you.  People who are too paranoid, ‘hard-shelled’ or cover their feelings unnecessarily may need the spirit of the armadillo.  
  • Armadillos are territorial and regularly patrol their boundaries to sniff out intruders and potential threats.   If the armadillo comes to visit you, it may be time to examine your boundaries, or artificial limits placed on your abilities, time, or space.  Is someone invading your space?
  • Medicine from Brother Armadillo is strong and tenacious.  It teaches how to protect yourself from potential threats.
  • The armadillo is slow but persistent in its daily tasks and ignores most non-threatening activities around it.   These traits will help one who follows the armadillo medicine to realize when they may be negligent of a persistent problem or avoiding issues.
  • Brother Armadillo is a solitary dweller and does not have many friends.  Pay attention to the shell of our armored friend when he enters your meditations and find new ways to join with others in social activities.
  • The armadillo digs for its food and makes burrows to sleep and have its young.   The digging aspect of its behavior indicates that you may need to work harder at finding the morsel of sustenance in your life to bring more spiritual awareness.

Brother Armadillo understand the necessity of spiritual purification and loves water.  He is a good swimmer, floats very well and can swim under the surface for long periods.   Armadillo readily crosses any stream or river with ease.  These traits give people of the armadillo spirit an understanding of the power of spiritual cleansing and ability to move with fluid easy movement between dimensions.

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