Made Up: Design’s Fictions at the Art Center College of Design

Louis Lucero II covers the event for the LA Times (here). In the interview Bruce Sterling had this to say:

The thing that interests me about design fiction, which is a young and not yet very well-defined idea, is that on the Internet you can bring all kinds of things to the process of design that make a prototype look a lot more convincing than it used to be

For more info visit MADe UP: MAKING UP EVENT which was billed thusly “Fiona Raby and Bruce Sterling, two of the world’s most influential voices at the intersection of fiction and design, will join MADE UP curator Tim Durfee to discuss tactical anachronisms, designing for ambiguous reality, and the re-emergence of speculative practice in the 21st century.

Via Bruce Sterling’s Flickr stream I encountered this image, presumably with text by Dunne & Raby.

Critical Design the Dunne and Raby way

Additionally, see this image wherein Julian Bleecker makes the argument that Props Make the Future.




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