Bruce Sterling on Cibelle and the idea of Anthropophagy

Over at the annual 2011 State of the Well conversation Bruce Sterling posted a mini essay on Cibelle, contemporary Brazil and global culture. He suggests that Cibelle is the perfect model for a plausible pop-star 15 years from today. She is a Networked, multi-artist.

Only a really, really big, young, multiracial, multiethnic country
like Brazil or the USA could get behind some anthropophagic syncretism.
  It's an alternative model for a global, rootless, massive culture. 
It's like magic-realist globalization.   I've never yet done any
anthropophagic Abravanista syncretism, but I'm pretty into Postmodern
subjectivity fragmentation.  Gimme enough cachaca and lime juice, and
hey, I might be able to hold my breath and get over there from here.

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