A Prophet

Just watched this movie a couple of days ago. Hadn’t previously heard anything about it. I checked it out from a Blue Box (Blockbuster’s answer to the Red Box) simply because it was listed as being a 2010 nominee in the Oscar’s for Best Foreign Film.

His time in jail begins with an impossible situation. A desperate choice that he must resign himself to. He learns though from his action and the last conversation he had with his victim. Plus, his haunting by the man, provides a key moral or ethical (of sorts) compass to the film.

For instance he takes up prison school upon the man’s suggestion and there from learns to read, write and eventually become the man he becomes. A better man than when he entered prison. I suppose that is all one can hope for from time in jail.

It was interesting that he did not acknowledge, then embraced and finally re-embraced his identity, his “Otherness” throughout the film. It was a surprising film in that it seemed to end on a positive note, with him getting out and being “on top of the world’. Yet, were those final cars following him his escort or his death?

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