On business models for architectural offices…

Outed asks “what are the best new business models in the design world that you’ve seen? i’ll start with shop – yes, predictable in some ways, but they’ve more fully (or openly if nothing else) integrated the means of production to align with theirs and their client’s goals…on the other end, a firm that’s been offered up before (by me) is paratus – a project management company founded by architects whose sole focus is …lean, mean, highly specialized…capable of translating the nuance of design into the client’s mission and pocketbook…anyone else have their favorites?

My response was to wonder if “Perhaps one thing that could be useful was some sort of open source BIM esque XBRL file standard for front of the office architectural business reporting? Wherein the deliverable would be a downloadable replicable business model. Although given all the proprietary sorts of sensitive information involved might need to available only for example to AIA members?

What do you all out there think?

More over at Archinect


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