On Istanbul and the relationships between Sci-Fi culture and Design

Via Bruce Sterling I now know that I can look forward to reading Pico Iyer on Istanbul in National Geographic”s October issue. And since I actually get the magazine i will not have to settle for the digital version.Reflecting on why Istanbul is such a contemporary but yet ancient city he writes; “To go to Istanbul today is to see in bold strokes the conundrum that confronts all the fast-growing old cities in the world as they try to remain simultaneously global and themselves.

Also, via Bruce Sterling came across this presentation by Nicholas Nova of Lift lab gave at Swiss Design Network 2010 in Basel. It is about the relationships between Sci-Fi and Design, entitled From Neuromancer to the Internet: The role of Science Fiction Culture in Design . In it he asks the provocative question of whether or not speculative design aka design fiction is the new Sci-Fi? He also lists three design lessons or tactics from Sci-Fi for designers: 1) implications not just applications 2) Process; play with constraints 3) Recombine metaphors



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