Morning encounter with ignorance

So many of you may know how I pick trash up from both around my neighborhood and along the path of my bicycle commute. It started off as a I can’t believe that same piece of trash has been there for x amount of months/weeks. Now it has become both a crusade and almost a OCD level of anal retentiveness.

It just amazes me how much, various types of trash people are willing to just chuck onto the street(s). Although, I have come to realize some of the trash reaches the streets because of issues with the current processes for waste collection. Meaning that either some residents do not make proper use of trash bags to ensure minimal amounts of waste are able to drift out of too full trash cans and some trash also comes from the trash trucks themselves.

However, what i want too talk about this morning is something which i almost can’t believe I witnessed. I had just started my commute and was headed towards University. When ahead of me about a block I see a car stop at a Stop sign open there driver’s side door and place a McDonald’s to go bag in the middle of the street. The driver then drove forward and at the next red light, stopped and again opened the door and put her used soda/fountain drink in the middle of the street.

My first reaction in this situation was to roll up on her and bitch her out and give her a basics civics lesson. I mean what kind of ignorant fuck thinks the street is the place for her trash. And it is one thing to toss out the window but to go to the trouble of actually opening your door?

Anywho, when I caught up with her (I was on my bike remember) at the red light, I noticed she 1) had a kid in the back seat, 2) had just picked up her man/husband/baby daddy from the Alachua County Probation Day Reporting office. Those two facts combined with the fact that I was running late for work, convinced me that it wouldn’t be worth my effort to stop and harass/have a teaching moment with her.

Should I have? What would you have done? I ended up just picking up the trash and dumping it in the next trash can. Maybe I should have thrown it at her car as she pulled away from the red light?


2 thoughts on “Morning encounter with ignorance

  1. You can’t be everything to everyone. Make a difference where you actually can and realize that not all circumstances are within your ability to change.

    Circle of concern versus circle of influence.

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