MVVA on…ecological urbanism, landscape urbanism and the goal of MVVA’s works

Michael Van Valkenburgh, FASLA was recently interviewed by ASLA’s the DIRT. In it amongst other things, discussed he gave definitions of landscape urbanism and ecological urbanism.

“Ecological urbanism is about city-making that focuses on the landscape elements and their continuity—it’s partly about nature-making in the city, but it is also an approach that adds the sensibility and techniques of ecology as a science to the making and remaking of cities. Similarly, landscape urbanism attempts to shift paradigms from object-based urban design to city-making. It seeks innovation within the interactions of urban systems, identifies opportunities in infrastructure, and sees landscape as much an organizing force as it sees it a distinct facet of the city.”

He also provides what seems to me a good summation or “mission statement” for the work of his practice “The goal of our work is to create parks that are intrinsically urban—not places to escape from the city, but places to escape within the city—the very idea is urban.

More (here)


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