Recently in domus…

MVRDV have completed The Balancing Barn, for philosopher Alain du Botton’s organisation Living Architecture. The first of a series of modern day, retreats for the English countryside. The image below is of the main/living room and features a window to display the houses cantilever. More (here)

By Edmund Sumner

Mikio Kuranishi writing about “Tokyo Apartment” a project recently completed by Sosuke Fujimoto.

The form it takes – a grouping of archetypical gabled-roof house units stacked, as it were, in a higgledy-piggledy way – is not only a scaled-down, three-dimensional version of Tokyo’s structure, but also a symbol of it.” More (here)

By Edmund Sumner

Gideon Fink Shapiro visits Foster + Partners innovative Sperone Westwater gallery, in the Bowery NYC. More (here)

By Nigel Young/Foster + Partners


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