Last year of my twenties…

So Sunday August 29 is/was my birthday.

I am still not sure how I feel about it. I feel like I have spent my twenties building a foundation and being productive. Two degrees earned, taught for a year, getting involved civically, building a professional resume and paying off/down debts acquired from paying for school. I also feel like I haven’t been taken as many risks or made as many big changes (a la moving overseas or something) as I had wanted. Yet, in actuality life sort of made them happen. A job, a women, health problems in my family etc… Either way, I have grown up and grown out (emotionally, civically, personally).

What i really wonder though, is whether my 30s will be about building on that foundation to even further cement my adulthood/maturity. Earning more money, buying a house, marriage? Or perhaps, I can use the foundation(s) I have built as an excuse, fallback position or stepping stone. Maybe since, I can take some risks, do something uncharacteristic or spur of the moment. I know I am capable and I have started to prove it. So maybe I should do something a little more fun or freeing? Not running from encroaching adult/parenthood but maybe just taking an alternate approach. At least that is what I would like to do. I don’t want to wake up in a decade or two and realize that 29 was the year I settled down and settled in. I want to keep making optimum decisions, but not necessarily safe ones…


One thought on “Last year of my twenties…

  1. In an odd coincidence, my wife also turned 29 yesterday. As I told her, I feel that it is particularly auspicious to turn the same age as your birth date.

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