Drought-proofing a region. Through, infrastructure?

Perhaps as one of the citizens quoted in the article says, the continent of Australia has only enough water resources to host 22 million people. Or perhaps it can just build/design it’s way out of a crisis? This quote describing some of the recent, but also initial attempts by Australian states to combat the mega-drought conditions they have been facing, I found quite evocative. Are they discussing just another series of mega-projects and master-plan(s) that will fail, as so many others’ have due to unforseen consequences of effects? You, decide.

Besides restricting water use and subsidizing the purchase of home water tanks to capture rainwater, the state spent nearly $8 billion to create the country’s most sophisticated water supply network. It fashioned dams and a web of pipelines to connect 18 independent water utilities in a single grid. To “drought proof” the region, it built facilities for manufacturing water, by recycling wastewater, to use for industrial purposes, and by desalinating seawater. Production of desalinated water can be adjusted according to rain levels.

Via NYT (here)


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