A “Manifesto for the New Nordic Kitchen”

1. To express the purity, freshness, simplicity and ethics that we would like to associate with our region.

2. To reflect the different seasons in the meals.

3. To base cooking on raw materials which characteristics are especially excellent in our climate, landscape and waters.

4. To combine the demand for good taste with modern knowledge about health and well-being.

5. To promote the Nordic products and the variety of Nordic producers – and to disseminate the knowledge of the cultures behind them.

6. To promote the welfare of the animals and a sound production in the sea and in the
cultivated as well as wild landscapes.

7. To develop new possible applications of traditional Nordic food products.

8. To combine the best Nordic cooking procedures and culinary traditions with impulses from outside.

9. To combine local self-sufficiency with regional exchange of high-quality goods.

10. To cooperate with representatives of consumers, other cooking craftsmen, agriculture, fishing industry, food industry, retail and wholesale industry, researchers, teachers, politicians and authorities on this joint project to the benefit and advantage of all in the Nordic countries.

More (here)

Discovered by this post over at chocolateandzucchini

Related Chef Rene Redzepi appeared on Charlie Rose last Friday June the 11th. Watch video (here)


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