Daily Horoscope 6/11/2010

VIRGO [August 23–September 22] What are you waiting for? Your future power spot has been exerting a strong pull on you. It has been calling for you to come and seize the clout you deserve. But you have not yet fully taken up the offer. As your designated nag and cheerleader, it is my sacred duty to wave a red flag in front of your gorgeous face and command you to pay attention. In my opinion, you need to drop what you’re doing, race over to the zone of engagement, and pounce. You’re more than ready to stake a claim to the increased authority you’ll have a mandate to wield in the coming months.

From Free Will Astrology (here)

It does feel like this is the trajectory things are starting to take at work. I would be there today putting in a good days work. Got enough too do. However, my neck went out on me overnight and I woke up unable to do much of anything. Go figure that I get on the computer at home though. Although, when sick, injured etc, there is a big difference between being at work or at home.

Anywho. Ta ta.


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