“culture is an externalization of mind, you know?”

I thought this an interesting section in the interview between Pitchfork staff writer Marc Masters and Cameron Stallones of Sun Araw.

Pitchfork: The Wire’s review of On Patrol said some interesting things about you “scavenging global culture” and finding messages in things like the McDonald’s arches or Holiday Inn architecture. What do you think of that idea?

CS: Whoa, that’s heavy. I can get into that. Yeah, I mean, all culture is an externalization of mind, you know? I mean that’s what’s so heavy about LA, which is a city whose entire architecture and layout is governed by the externalization of imagination, rather than some modernist city planning like Chicago or New York– it’s a spaceport, built for speed. There’s a few of them around, but to live in that nexus where people come and go from physical reality to total image is definitely a trip, and a taste of what’s coming without a doubt. That’s the essence of getting On Patrol, really: being able to flip the vision when the scum rises. To see the forces at work on the forces at work, and to turn any threat into a dance party, or at least a learning experience. I mean it’s no good to be cruising with the world at arm’s length, in some constant meta-state, but it can be mad useful/ necessary to flip your Orlando Holiday Inn nightmare into a crawl through some heavy consciousness.

Read more (here)

Some video of Sun Araw live…


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