Call it a B & B village…

In reading the NYT travel section today discovered a brilliant approach to economic development in Italy via a form of hospitality tourism called the “Albergo diffuso“.

The basic idea is that  “rooms, decorated in a consistently authentic and local style, are scattered throughout different buildings within the town but overseen by one manager. A traditional breakfast might be served at a local cafe or in the kitchen of one of the local houses, or delivered to your room. Call it a B & B village. And alberghi diffusi don’t just provide travelers a door into a traditional way of life, but are also healthy for the host villages. “Reconverting an existing room into a hotel room is far more sustainable than building a new hotel,” Hitesh Mehta, an eco-resort consultant and author of a forthcoming book, “Authentic Ecolodges,” wrote in an e-mail message.

Seems to have all sorts of architectural possibilities, although it does seem particularly suited for various forms of “authentic” hospitality/tourism… A sort of distributed approach to development which could be applied across a range of locales and economic sectors.

Read more (here)


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