The 2010 attack of Eyjafjallajokull attacks

Amidst recent news that the threat to European air-travel by volcanoes in Iceland is returning I came across this insightful discussion hosted by John Brockman of‘s.

I particularly enjoyed the contributions of Hans Ulrich Obrist, Delta Willis, James Croak, Karl Sabbagh and this quote from John Tooby;

These have been hidden from us not only by our ostrich-like inclinations, but because their time scales and physical magnitudes transcend those that evolution equipped us to perceive or appreciate.

As life forms, we have become physically, biologically, culturally, economically and personally dependent on “present” conditions, on the lazy assumption that they are “normal” and will indefinitely persist.

Which I thought timely, in reference to either the climate crisis, ash crisis, economic crisis or terrorism crisis

For more see (here)


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