My Life with Pablo Neruda; by Matilde Urrutia-A Review

I would recommend this book to lovers of biographies, auto-biographies and Pablo Neruda.

Prior to this book, I had little encounter with the writings of Pablo Neruda and none with that of his wife (which includes his autobiography published posthumously and edited by her). I have never been a fan of poetry, although i tried to read Neruda once or twice. After reading this book, i think i would love to read his autobiography. I wonder how much of her voice is audible?

I probably still won’t read the poetry. The passages in this book which i had the most trouble completing were the ones where she excerpted his poetry (particularly love letters) to her). I found the chapters which dealt with the 1973 coup and post Coup dictatorship ruled years of her life the most moving passages of the book . Of course, I have been familiar with Chile’s history during these troubled years, but the struggle of those years is portrayed very personally by Matilde. All the more so because of her early loss in those events of Pablo.

I was also interested to learn that those fateful events occurred on 11th September 1973, which is an interesting parallel/analogy to the events for which Sept 11th is commemorated here in the USA.


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