Matt Webb on Fictional Futures

As part of Matt Ward’s (of BERG a designer, technology researcher and lecturer at Goldsmiths College, University of London) Fictional Futures project (about the design of “imagined, science fiction inspired, future artefacts”—read the original brief for more) Matt presented this gem of a slideshow which explores some of his favourite concepts from science fiction.

Came across via a recent posting by Adam Greenfield of Speedbird.

Matt Webb opened with this provocative statement;

Science fiction and philosophy. I don’t really believe there’s much of a difference. I’m just going to show you some stuff that I like.

Rest can be found here and includes thoughts on moving cities, the Moon, the concept of a Lifecone, David Cronenberg’s film, eXistenZ, the input-output difference, slow species, 19th century urban pneumatic and hydraulic networks, The Krebs cycle, Project Cybersyn, Catalhoyuk and the invention of Streets, and finally, counterfactual universes as big metaphors.

I loved this image of


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