Catching up on domus: Grima looms, Nebulous architecture and Tehran’s new masterplan

I find:

Flavio Albanese is no longer editor-in-chief.

domus announces the new editorial term of Alessandro Mendini. They also announce the incoming (after Mendini) term of Joseph Grima, whom it sounds like, will be tasked with further integrating domus across various media platforms. Especially, I think with an eye towards the participatory aspects of the digital web platforms.

According to Mendini, “The slogan for the new domus will be ‘for a new utopia’.

Also, an article on Nebulous Architecture which features this great quote from Felipe Mesa of studio Plan:b. “Architecture is the sum of inevitable negotiations,” and the building as a continually transforming element lives in time. What emerges is an idea of design whose resistance is built not on a structure’s solidity, but on the capacity to find a form of equilibrium in a process of self-organisation.

I found this sketchbook image from a proposal for the competition for the architectural, urban and landscape design of 4 sport scenarios for the 9th South American Games 2010 in Medellin (first prize), July 2008, very simple but excitingly so.

Design: Felipe Mesa + Giancarlo Mazzanti

And finally a brief piece on the new 2005 master-plan for Tehran by architect Hadi Mirmiran (who passed away in 2007). The piece is based on an interview with Sara Kamalvand an architect and urban planner and discusses how the Modernist master-plan (designed in the 1960‘s by Los Angeles architect Victor Gruen) which placed a highway grid over a thousand-year old urban heritage. The new master plan uses the concept of ecological corridors and offers a local vision, grounded in Persian culture. The strategy rethinks the city through its watershed by the irrigation of five urban corridors which borrow the traces of the old rivers and cross the site from the mountains to the desert.

For an abstract of Sara Kamalvand’s Tehran 2050 award winning academic thesis see (here).


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