An afternoon of Total Recall

I was killing time on Saturday afternoon and watched a rerun of Total Recall. Well actually just like the last 20 mins.

But anyways I was especially struck this viewing around by scale of and purpose of the alien artifact that plays a key role in resolving the film’s plot. For those who haven’t seen it in awhile the recently uncovered artifact is a planetary scaled oxygen creating machine. It is turned on my Schwarzenegger’s character at the end as a way of foiling the plot for control of Mars by the films main protagonist. I searched and couldn’t find any screen captures or pics of the device. However, in the film it takes up the entire cavern within a now dormant volcano and as it is explained consists basically of a large heating core that when activated drops down and inserts itself into the large glacier that makes up the frozen core of Mars. This then releases in some manner the oxygen stored in the frozen H2O.

I was particularly entranced by the mechanistic and superstructure like design of the artifact.

A shot of post artifact activation Mars…..(with streams of gaseous oxygen streaming out as if in a volcanic eruption)…..

For more see (here)


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