“Grime has been banished from real, physical London”

The above quote is from (this) article by Dan Hancox entitled “The Outsiders: How the Met tries to banish grime from London’s clubs“, which looks at how a music genre and culture (Grime) which use to be defined in explicitly physical and urban terms has been, due to pressure by the London Metropolitan police and facilitated by the growth of MP3 recordings/blogs and live online streams of pirate radio, essentially banished from the capital’s clubs.

One of the main reasons we find, is a simple beaucratic tool-the form;

Part of the reason grime exists on the internet now, and not in the real world, is the infamous police Risk Assessment Form 696. It’s no exaggeration to suggest that the period 2004-09 represents a systematic and deliberate attempt by the Metropolitan Police to remove music performed largely by young black men from the public sphere. Form 696 is a risk-assessment form used by the Met when trouble is expected at a gig or a club. At the potential cost to license holders of six months in jail or a £20,000 fine, it requests ridiculously specific information about performers and likely audience members.

Via sunny d (here)


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