David Byrne on the Internet, Interconnectivity, the future of digitization, networking and “creative destruction”

Byrne wrote a great long post entitled “The Internet Antichrist” last year ago but I just got around to reading it. In it he writes

We’ve been liberated and captured at the same time. I sense that the loss of privacy — which to me seems inevitable — is part and parcel of the whole project. You can’t have efficient search algorithms, cloud computing and digitized everything and anything and expect to retain the anonymity of the past.

He also writes about J. C. R. Licklider who “has been called ‘computing’s Johnny Appleseed’ for having planted the seeds of computing in the digital age.

Byrne then touched on the link between Licklider, the research by early phone companies like Bell Labs into how to digitize sound and other psychoacoustic and technical research and the effects of modern Network Culture.

He ends with this;

So, there it is. The free flow of information, and the ability to digitize all media as it enters the river, has a lot more repercussions than the end of books, newspapers and CDs — it portends a massive social and political shift. Licklider may have seen this coming as well, but he didn’t let on about it.

Read more (here)


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