Geoff Manaugh explores the “Museum of the Phantom City” in Iconeye

Its funny I remember reading about this app when it first came out. I didn’t know what to think of it but I certainly didn’t expect the implications of what Geoff Manaugh writes below. As soon as I started the essay I realized that this is some sort of exhibition catalogue more than an AR app. Although really it is both.

Indeed, one of Phantom City’s most interesting implications is that it might be a model for a new kind of publication. Why try to get your speculative design for a new museum published in a glossy architecture magazine when you could simply stick it in everyone’s iPhones, firmly located in its urban context and publicly accessible from the uploaded world of augmented reality? It’s an exciting idea: graduate thesis projects could sit alongside real buildings by Bjarke Ingels or OMA, and as yet impossible structures from fantasy and sci-fi could form an integral imaginative layer within the city.

Perhaps someday we’ll be done with monographs altogether; travelling exhibitions and even year-end studio reviews will be a thing of the past. We’ll simply upload our projects into something like Museum of the Phantom City and let the world decide their worth.

Read full piece (here)


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