Curating as Art; the Curator as Critic

From this article on Hans Ulrich

“In many ways, curators took on the role of what we might have once thought of as a role of the critic,” said Tom Eccles, the executive director of the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College. “Someone like Clement Greenberg was able to codify moments in art and promote individual artists into groups, and say, ‘This is what is significant in our time.’ I think there’s a moment in the ’80s when that transfers over to curators.”

Might not this be part of the problem that faced art as it faced the end of the first decade of the 21st century. While personas like Mr Obrist are indeed a vital force driving many of the best developments within the art world, shouldn’t there be critics??

Read more (here)

Further reading includes this interview Hans Ulrich did with Wu Shanzhuan (one of the key conceptualists of the nineteen-eighties Chinese art scene).

Loved this tidbit wherein Wu translates Zeitgeist as “ghost of time”…

WSZ: Yes! Zeitgeist. That is a German word! The only word I recognize. [in Chinese] “Ghost of time.” Zeitgeist. This, I did in Iceland.


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