Rethinking urban policy and the “urban conference”

Two recent articles by Airoots. The first one The Urban Conference examines the interesting nexus of financiers, buildiers, politicos and academics that is the contemporary “urban conference”. Such meetings of the minds are where the contemporary city is often defined or at least imagined.

In the grand ‘Urban Conference’ intellectuals rub shoulders with builders who rub shoulders with financers who rub shoulders with politicians who rub shoulders – or are supposed to – with citizens at large. The attempt is to sell an idea and get everybody to buy it in the surest possible way, through intellectual argument, monitored by money.

The other piece Rethinking Urban Policy in India suggests that the key conceptual rethink is based in scale(s);

“we need to accept that mega-cities as self-sustaining universes are only one example of urbanization. Networks of cities, towns and villages can together also count as a form of urbanization.


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