The anatomy of ruins

Bryan Finoki  in the recent issue of Triple Canopy on the new American landscapes of ruin. Topics discussed include varieties of blight and idylls of desolation, the lifespan of decay. In this article Bryan wonderfully weaves together his longtime interest in the Nomadic Fortress (which he sees as the pervasive border space of today) with a profound critique of the aestheticization of ruin by contemporary designers and artists. He encourages us to recognize the real societal implications and effects of such an aesthetic of ruin and suggests that a critical analysis of the “anatomy of ruins” highlights the political and economic forces  behind the growth of such “ruins”…

Key Quote

If Dubai represents the ruins of a not so distant future, and Detroit those of the not so distant past, perhaps the current political economy is best glimpsed in those buildings that stand somewhere between: private prisons, migration-detention facilities, sweatshops, gated communities, global financial institutions. These spaces should not just be captured on camera but indexed and employed to better understand how the destructive processes of late capitalism are manifest in the built environment.

Read more (here)


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