Daily Horoscope 11/13/09

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You don’t let much get in the way of things you feel you need to get done.That, my dear, is exactly the problem.You’re undaunted by illness, circumstance, or legitimate complications that would cause virtually anyone else to turn away and give up.We all admire your steely determination, of course, but you may want to revise your standards. Sometimes something just isn’t meant to work out. Occasionally even you need to take a sorely-deserved break.This week work on learning to listen to these not-so-subtle clues when they appear, and heeding at least some of them.

Ok I know this. I can be single-minded/stubborn sometimes. Listening to those around me as well as myself more especially when it comes to knowing when to take a break or take a chill, is a lesson I need to learn. Just this spring I finally learned the meaning of taking some personal days. Not going on vacation or taking time off for dental/medical appointments, just “personal days”. It was a good lesson.

Via Caeriel (here)


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