The Block and confusing the notion of ‘collective’ with the notion of ‘massive’

In the face of rapid urbanization and the need for large scale housing requirements of worlds population coupled with the failure of large scale Modernist urban redevelopment programs Volume #21 “The Block”  proposes,  “a new prototype. A housing block, which is custom-made but mass-produced and conceived via open source standards.

In “From Big Boxes to Little Boxes, Mario Marchant reviews the history of large scale collective/social housing efforts in Latin America. He believes that one influential factor shaping development of future typologies is the understanding that in the last decades Little Boxes (following the US model of a house and yard) has become the default/preferred aspiration of at least a generation of Latin Americans. Yet, with one clear difference.

If the architecture of Little Boxes results in the U.S. (and even in parts of Europe) in an ever-expanding monotonous urban sprawl, in Latin America it seems to construct an emerging contemporary collective way of life (with the absence of an architectural vision, plan or discourse), showing that collective aspirations have increasingly become the product of individuals, again, a collective phenomenon.

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2 thoughts on “The Block and confusing the notion of ‘collective’ with the notion of ‘massive’

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