Team 10 vs Archigram

In the 2009 Josep Lluis Sert Lecture, “All About UD!”, Rodolfo Machado spoke about some early influences. View (here)

One quote that caught my attention was the following;

I am more interested in the construction of an alternative present than in the imagining of alternative, hypothetical or other possible futures-Rodolfo Machado

My posting of this prompted the following response from a friend Phillip Crosby,

this quote reminds me of these ones from a few team 10’ers…

“Team 10 is Utopian, but Utopian about the present. Thus their aim is not to theorize but to build, for only through construction can a Utopia of the present be realized.”
-Alison Smithson (1962)

“[Urbanism] can, and only can, deal with present realities. It cannot be visionary; it is not ‘futurible’. But the present reality is sufficiently difficult to occupy us all.”
-Shadrach Woods

“Science-fiction urban design projects prove nothing despite the time and effort spent on them. The world is saturated and fed up with such projects. They provide nothing more than noise… How long can one discuss without acting?”
-Jerzy Soltan (1967)

I then noted well; That earlier on in the video Machado said he had been more attracted to the approach of Team 10 rather than Archigram because Team 10 was more of the alternative present and less the future Utopian group


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