What do you think Americans don’t understand about this conflict?

Andrew Exum’s did an indepth interview with Frontline. The extended transcript was recently released. Discussed include; COIN, approaches for success in Afghanistan, the importance of governance and post-“old force-on-force model of industrial warfare” tactics for the U.S.A. government.

I thought this passage interesting…

The way that you stop IED attacks is you dissuade people from planting IEDs. And our strategy in Afghanistan, or our operations in Afghanistan at least, are going to succeed or fail based upon the relationships that we build with the Afghans at every level. That means the partnerships that we develop with the Afghan National Police and Afghan National Army, increasing their capacity, increasing their ability to do their mission, as well as making sure that say, for example, the Afghan National Police, which has a less than stellar reputation among the population, is not being predatory toward the Afghan people.

Read (here)


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