Located near Belo Horizonte in Brumadinho, MG, Brasil, The Instituto Cultural Inhotim is an original museum complex, formed by a non-linear sequence of pavilions in the midst of a botanical garden.

The representative collection of contemporary art at Inhotim has been formed since the mid-80’s, focusing on works created from 1960 on. There are paintings, drawings, photographs, videos and installations of Brazilian and international artists.

The Tropical Park has areas which were developed along the guidelines suggested by famed landscape artist Roberto Burle Marx. The enormous variety of plants at Inhotim make it one of the largest botanical collections in the world, with rare tropical species and a forest reserve which is part of the Atlantic Forest biome.

Editor’s note: ( They also have one of the largest collections of artworks by Brazilian artist Hélio Oiticica including a pavilion that is intended solely to house the five works from the ‘‘Cosmococa’’ series that is generally considered Oiticica’s masterpiece. )

Via NYT’s Travel Fall 2009 T Magazine (here)


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