An Urban owl sighting

One of the things of love about Gainesville is the urban forest. For the last 6 years that I have lived in the downtown/Pleasant Street neighborhood I have been blessed by the presence of owls. I hear them regularly as I drift off to sleep.

Last night after a wonderful night out (courtesy of my special lady) while driving back to her house (which is closer to the west side of town than my neighborhood, and which borders a number of major Gainesville streams and is thus heavily wooded) we turned down a road just in time too see a large owl flying right over the street, spotlit by a street light. It then landed on the power line and just sat there. Long enough for us to pull the car over and stand there for almost 10 minutes watching the owl, which was staring right back at us. It was a very cool moment. Especially, because the owl was facing away from us, but it would swivel it’s head around to check in on our presence every couple of minutes and when it did I could feel (and see) it’s large eye’s just staring directly at me..


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