Spheres Theory-Peter Sloterdijk

I posted this over at Archinect (here);

What i really liked was this bit towards the end where Sloterdijk explains the effects on biological/culture as a result of the apartment culture as cell.

Modern autogamy involves choosing a stance of “experiencing” one’s own life, viewing it judgmentally from the outside. Individuals in the age of a culture of experience constantly seek difference from themselves. They can choose as their partner none other than themselves as the inner Other.

On the dangers of net-work thinking;

Net think-ing includes only dots and interfaces that underlie the notion of two or more intersecting lines or curves, giving you a worldview whose constitutive element is the dot. The net theorists think in radically nonspatial terms…The metaphor of the fabric or net at best gives you minute knots, but you can’t inhabit a node. By contrast, the foam metaphor emphasizes the microcosmic, intrinsic spatiality of each individual cell.

And finally;

By means of the image of foam you can show that the small forms protect us against fusion with the mass and the corresponding hypersociologies. In this sense, foam theory is a polycosmology.


2 thoughts on “Spheres Theory-Peter Sloterdijk

  1. http://arts.hurryupharry.org/2009/08/24/jan-both-at-the-national-gallery-episode-three-apostles-of-uplift/

    From the conclusion to the above post:

    ‘There can be no question that the most prolific propellants of seventeenth-century frivolity, albeit one firmly grounded in painterly practice, the Bamboccianti, provided themselves, and wider society, with ’air in an unexpected place’ (9), and might, therefore, be accordingly interpreted as Sloterdijkian proto-foamists –

    “we are such things as foams are made on.”’

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