Psychoactivity as The Fountain of Culture

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The above is a lecture on origin of shamanism as originated by psycho-activity via shamans in Nepal. Additionally examines the shamanic view of how psycho-activity started culture.

Some notes:

Nepalese shamans consider religion to be for those who cannot see. Civilization began in Himalayas, by shamans, who consider themselves to be “from the time before religion“. Ganesh is the guardian to the other world (ie: the ‘patron saint’ of Nepalese shamanism) thus Ganesh’s father is the master and “founder” of shamanism. Also known/represented as other forms; Rudra and Mahakala. Shiva is known as the unifier of both poles of the universe in himself (male-female form). Shiva and consort Parvati are viewed as creators of all psycho-active plants.

It is said that one day Parvati created witches in order to have something/someone to play with while Shiv awas in a deep trance. When Shiva awoke he discovered the 7 witches running around casting spells and therefore created the shaman.

The original Yeti was actually named Banjankri and was the shaman/wild man of the forest.

Garuda is the protector of Nepalese shamans as he is the killer of demons and snakes.


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