Something I have always wanted to do.

I have been wanting to to make this trip ever since Murlivadka and that generation of kulis went. Sounded so wild. Then in recent years Lucas and some friends went. I just have to go in the winter/fall. It might be too late. I must visit the Okefenokee Swamp before I die. This The Appalachian Trail I have always wanted to complete with my father. Especially before I leave the South-East states.

The Calm of the Swamp in Georgia; C. J. Hughes (here)


Also this picture from the NYT article on Nakameguro Tokyo’s Hippest Neighborhood (here) made me reflect on the historical, dense yet modern reality that is the modern Japanese city or India’s Dharavi (see Airoots, William Galloway (aka Jump) and others thoughts, on real, dense, planned and simulated urbanity.



Also, historicality, aggregation, pedestrian viability and home?


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