Teddy Cruz “Practice of Encroachment” and Flavio Albanese “In praise of Saprophytes” from domus

From the domus website news section and issue 917 of domus;

For the news “section” noting his new exhibit “Practice of Encroachment” at the Parc Foundation Teddy Cruz was asked to write a little “manifesto”/discourse or blurb on the meaning of confinement within the context of the contemporary architectural profession. I found one part of his mini-essay very compelling…


We believe the future is small, and this implies the dismantling of the large by pixilating it with the micro: an urbanism of retrofit. Density, for example, cannot be perpetuated as an amount of units per acre. Can density be understood as an amount of socio-economic exchanges per acre?

Read the full essay (here)

In Issue 917 Editor Flavio Albanese suggests a future for the architectural profession which would take it beyond it’s current focus on building and construction of objects. He proposes instead that the architectural profession model itself after saprophytes ( a type of parasitic fungi).

The saprophytic attitude relentlessly dismantles and puts together systems of economic, human and symbolic relations rooted in space. The purpose of this ever-changing task is not to produce finished objects but an uninterrupted flow of materials, suggestions and concretions. These, in turn, are ready to be reused and rescheduled, in an infinite process of appropriation and release.”

Read full editorial (here)


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