Economist on Migration

I am a huge fan of migration and open borders. Globalized links and culture inspire me, it’s why i applied to Peace Corp.

The economist notes in an article that

Over the last 3-4 decades there has been a great period of immigration, both legal and illegal

There is no guarantee that migration will carry on at record rates. It is possible to seal borders tightly enough to keep more people out if those inside are ready to pay the price. An earlier period of great migration came to an end, for example, when America some 90 years ago shut its doors to immigrants for a while.

But easier movement of capital and goods has helped to make the world a much richer place in the past decade or two, and more human mobility has both created wealth and helped to share it out more equally. The billions sent around the world in remittances each year is testimony to that. The price of keeping people out would be high.

Also, for all these out there in America, worried about those dirty illegal immigrants taking away your jobs,

Be aware that

Most migrants move for economic reasons, many in search of jobs, some to be united with relatives. Most appear to be doing so legally. America in 2002-06 allowed in an average of just over 1m legal immigrants a year who planned to settle permanently, more than half of them sponsored by relatives. Another 320,000 a year entered temporarily. The number of illegal migrants is by definition hard to ascertain, but likely to be smaller than the legal sort.


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