Artkrush interviews Zhang Huan…

I only discovered Zhang Huan’s art recently….

Although generally performance art is not on the top of my list for things that excite me, his work really does…

Perhaps, it has something to do with the exotic nature of him and his work, he is from China, his work is inspired by Taoism and Buddhism.. Plus, in the past he has done some fairly extreme performances, such as

12 Square Meters or Window

Additionally, his work will include animals directly in the work or through reference..

such as

Seeds of Hamburg or the afore mentioned Window.. (with birds and a donkey respectively)

My two favorite quotes from the interview…

1) “Art has a personal stamp on it. There may not be a contract defining who made it, but people who know art can sense whose art it is.”

2) “Simplicity is the highest form of art. Some European artists look at the photos of 12 Square Meters and say, ‘That was your best’.”

To Raise the Water Level in a Fishpond





12 SquareMeters



Check out the whole interview, with Paul Laster (here)

And Zhang Huan’s website (here)


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