Naming Names at Gitmo

In this NYT Sunday Magazine article the author explores the case of Lt. Cmdr. Matt Diaz, the military legal counsel who was behind the release of the 500+ names of all prisoners being held in Guantanamo.

Thank God their are actually people like him, who are willing to do what’s right, even when it puts them at risk of legal and other actions.

It was this “release” that allowed lawyers to file writs of habeas corpus, for the detained “enemy combatants”  an/or their families.

Prior to his actions, n one outside of the military and the administration even knew how many or specifically who was being held.

Diaz explains his actions.

“While other military lawyers felt that the detention camp was finally starting to open up to outsiders, Diaz was appalled by what he saw as the government’s obstinacy. “No matter what the courts said, they would just keep stonewalling,” he said. “I knew that if I didn’t do anything, nobody else was going to.” Working late one night, he logged onto a secure internal database to see what lists he could find. It was easy; he could bring up the names 100 at a time. Diaz said later that he did not ponder how the information might be received in New York. “I thought they would either file a petition on behalf of those detainees or maybe contact their families,” he told me.”

Unfortunately the law firm he turned the documents over to, not sure what to make of this “leak” turned over the information to the FBI, which led to his eventual arrest and trial…

Full link (here)


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