Cheri Samba and Hirst

While Damien Hirst is old news, his new exhibition and particularly his new $50 million diamond encrusted skull is drawing rave reviews, at least from some critics.

Skull Damien Hirst

What do you think? I have always thought his work a bit “done”, however there is definitely something “primitive” about the skull. I suppose that the “richness” and “obscenity” of the piece is it’s point?

I “think” I like it. Although I don’t know if it’s the first piece of the 21st century as Jones claims???

Jonathan Jones writes in the Guardian

You just can’t argue with this work of art. You can’t fault it. I’ve examined it with the critical equivalent of a jeweller’s eyepiece. I compared it to Holbein’s anamorphic skull in The Ambassadors, as well as the turquoise Aztec skull in the British Museum. It is comparable to those masterpieces, not derivative.

Link to article

I first came across Cheri Samba a year or so ago, he is an artist from Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa, Africa

This is the piece I fell in love with. I made it my screen-saver for a while.

Cheri Samba 1

Then recently i came across some more of his work. Apparently he works social and political justice messages/critiques into his work.

Cheri Samba 2

From an interview on Designboom

I like all works of art.
I like all works of art whether I understand them or not .
not that everybody will make understandable things,
certain works demand reflection before getting to know
them, even the author must be there for him to
explain it to you. so I do not take chances as to say
– this I don’t like – this I like, I like all works of art,
all that my colleagues do, interests me.
it’s art, what we do.
there is no limit, we are artists.
it’s art that comes from the name artist.
I am an artist.


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