Andy Goldsworthy

I just came across an interview on New York Public radio with British artist Andy Goldsworthy.

I had forgotten about him, but my friend Quillian’s wife Isabella had actually turned me on to his art a few years back when she was finishing up her PhD in printmaking at UF.

His work makes use of nature; earth, leaves, twigs, ice, snow, mud etc and is a mix of performance art and sculpture.

The interview is quite thought provoking; as is his work

I think of , color, nature, the ephemeral quality of both, the outdoors vs. indoors

As he explains in the interview he is most interested in the way people and time flow through a space. He is not interested in simply making an object. This helps to explain his interest in the serpentine form its not a line but a path a process…..

The Interview

For more info on his work see further links below

Wikipedia entry

A Photo essay on him and his work

A clip from a movie about him

Andy Goldsworthy 1

Late Update

Back in 2013 I visited the Saint Louis Art Museum and saw but was not able to experience (after hours/not enough time), his ‘Stone Sea‘.


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