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It’s almost summer. If i was still in school i would be finished now and looking forward to my summer off.

Ah well next summer I hope to be in India.

Bldblog is a wonderful blog that i frequently visit. The gentleman who writes it has a great imagination. His specialty is primarily architectural fiction, however he covers everything from flying cities of the future to the urban industrial and freeways as built landscape.Just today he wonders whether or not college life is in America, the best example of idyllic urban lifestyle. The majority of people he points out end up living and working in sub-ex-urbian America and thus their life post-college almost inevitably involve cars and freeways.

The result is what he terms a theory of pedestrian nostalgia..


Michiel van Raaij is currently writing his doctoral thesis at the TU Delft. He writes a history of Dutch architecture from 1850 to 1900. This history has never been written before.

Michiel van Raaij regularly writes about architecture in the Netherlands and the United States in a diverse set of architectural magazines & media. His writings have appeared in Pantheon//,, B~Nieuws, Driemaster, Delta, Urban Design Review, and De Architect.

His blog Eikongraphia is quite theoretical. However in his essays he provides a great analysis of some of the best (or worst depending on your view) of modern architectural theory and practice. His particular interest is in the use, deployment and form, or the icon of “iconic”. Although i don’t always agree with his sense of the beautiful in modern design, he is always able to make a fascinating argument for his “reading” of the built..

Recently he compared the tendency and inspiration of what he identifies as the two most common approaches

Maximalism and Minimalism. Personally, I prefer Minimalism, however as evident by his interest in the Icon as idea, he is less pleased “In the impenetrable fog all is gone. It is the end of architecture.” Holl, Sanaa, Caruso St. John, John Pawson, fascinate me, although i will admit i am not a huge fan of all all the folding. He is very critical of Deleuze. He is very critical of how architects have drawn on Deleuze’s idea of the fold. He has critiqued a tough view of Diller, Scofidio and Renfro. And although i must admit the idea behind their Fog Building was a bit theoretically pretentious, it is Wow.


One thought on “Check out some of the blogs I link to (see right of page)

  1. Thanks for the nice words, Nama. I am not critical of Deleuze, I actually admire his work, but I am critical about the way architects literally interpreted an idea as ‘the fold’ for its beauty, without really reflecting on its implications.

    O, where is Eikongraphia at the ‘right’?

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