internet census – 2012


“To test if we could see a day night rhythm in the utilization of IP spaces we used all ICMP records to generate a series of images that show the difference from daily average utilization per half an hour. We composed theses images to a GIF animation that clearly shows a day night rhythm. The difference between day and night is lower for US and Central Europe because of the higher number of “always on” Internet connections. Full resolution GIFs and single images are available for download here.

Using a #botnet last year some hacker folks mapped the largest and most comprehensive IPv4 census ever. More here

The extrapolated size “If you added those, it would make for a total of 1.3 Billion used IP addresses“…

via Bruce Sterling

Toni Griffin re: The Just City

I define urban justice as the factors that contribute to our economic, human health, civic and cultural well-being, as well as the factors that contribute to the environmental and aesthetic health of the built environment.

She goes on to three conditions of urban injustice; concentrated poverty, disinvestment, crime and the architecture of fear, and socio-economic division.

Finally, she offers/defines ten values;

Equity, Choice, Access, Connectivity, Ownership, Diversity, Participation, Inclusion and Belonging, Beauty and Creative innovation

as initial metrics for designing for the just city.

Via The Nature of Cities