internet census – 2012


“To test if we could see a day night rhythm in the utilization of IP spaces we used all ICMP records to generate a series of images that show the difference from daily average utilization per half an hour. We composed theses images to a GIF animation that clearly shows a day night rhythm. The difference between day and night is lower for US and Central Europe because of the higher number of “always on” Internet connections. Full resolution GIFs and single images are available for download here.

Using a #botnet last year some hacker folks mapped the largest and most comprehensive IPv4 census ever. More here

The extrapolated size “If you added those, it would make for a total of 1.3 Billion used IP addresses“…

via Bruce Sterling

Sol Yurick – Datamation # 84, November 15 1984



Malaputa is the ultimate free-trade zone, the final offshore platform, the last lawless frontier, haven for the wildest of wildcat bankers. Mr. Mellon has anointed himself King of Malaputa. It also may be said that Mellon is Malaputa.

From Sol Yurick’s, The King of Malaputa.


lusty, elegiac German Officer paintings

The German Officer paintings in particular provide a kind of populist synthesis of Analytic Cubism and Cubist collage, fired by German Expressionism but also drawing on American still-life traditions, including the trompe l’oeil paintings of William Harnett and John Peto. The works also signal Hartley’s gayness and his love of military pomp…The overlap of these two spheres, fomented by their focus on the idealized man, is detailed by Bruce Robertson, one of the most illuminating of Hartley scholars, in the show’s excellent catalog.

No. 48 – Marsden Hartley Marsden Hartley – Online Collection of Brooklyn Museum

From a Roberta Smith review of, ‘Marsden Hartley: The German Paintings, 1913-1915‘ an exhibition at the Neue Nationalgalerie.

An Atompunk Manifesto

“atompunk is UFO’s, moon colonies, slide rules, bomb shelters, bug-eyed mutants, food pills, computers the size of houses, Godzilla, flying cars, unnecessary fins, everything sleek and streamlined and ready for the future!…It’s an appealing aesthetic. But, besides that, I think atompunk has something to teach us

Penned by Mark J. Appleton

h/t @Bruce Sterling